Family Tree Service has an A grading overall on Angie’s List and has been nominated for 2 POH Awards.
Also check out our reviews on superpages.com Family Tree Received a 5 Star Ranking!

Take our customer’s word for it!

“I had a large oak tree removed from my backyard. It was about 90 tall with a 4′ diameter trunk. I received the written quote within three days of accepting the price. I also received their insurance certificate within two hours of signing up with them. My tree could not be reached with a bucket truck so they had to climb. He had a plenty of manpower on the job and had the entire tree down within a day with another day to finish cutting up the trunk and grinding the stump. They were neat. There was one hiccup when the crew removed a much smaller tree beneath the one being removed by contract. They said it was damaged during the removal of the contract tree and it would be better if it was removed. I did not get a phone call on this – I discovered it later. When I spoke with the owner he did the right thing. He planted a new tree of my choice. Overall they did very well and I would definitely hire them again.”

“Family Tree Service did an evaluation on the condition of maple trees in the block about a year ago. The guy who came out gave us an honest appraisal about the condition of the trees. He let us know that they were infected. He also gave us a prognosis and an estimate. They alerted all of us that the trees would need to come down or they would fall; some on the private properties. They had qualified people. All the other companies who came out here gave us different information. The other companies said that the trees were healthy. However, the guys from Family Tree Service said what was going on with the trees. They also suggested and recommended to leave the large tree alone. If we trimmed it all, it would hasten the demise of that tree. So, they put it out there even at the cost of not getting a job. We didn’t spend any money with them. What was cool was that they didn’t mislead us to make money. They were very professional and candid. They responded when I made an appointment. They kept to their appointment and came out a couple of days later. They looked at the trees and gave us an honest appraisal. There was no attempt to mislead in order to get a job. I would definitely use their services in the future too. They were qualified to make that type of evaluation. They were one of the few in Brooklyn. Most of them are engaged by the city, but the agent from Family Tree Service was one of the few ones working independently who was qualified to do the same type of appraisal.”

“Family Tree Service is the most professional tree service I’ve had the pleasure to do business. The professionalism extends from the time they visit your home or business to provide an estimate all the way through the job cleanup. My job was particularly delicate because the stumps I needed ground were next to fences and inordinately large. There were NO issues and the pricing was excellent. The remainders of these stumps were graded level. I am not cavalier about bestowing praise on Family Tree Service. Family Tree Service actually did the cleanup for another tree service that I had to eject from the property because of the lack of care for my property and respect. Family Tree Service exceeded my expectations by a wide margin in the service they provide. I will have them back to do more work since I have many trees on my property. Thank you Family Tree Service!”

-K. M.

“Notably good service experience. The entire team was courteous and professional. Great value!We had a very large dead tree that was extremely difficult to remove. The Family Tree Service was not only the most reasonably priced (and believe me, we shopped around), they were also very easy to work with and did the job quickly.”

Customer from Woodside, New York.


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